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Specialist Schemes & Features

Through our range of partners, we offer a range of specialised courier, haulage and van insurance policies to cover almost any type of vehicle and goods. Our schemes range in levels of cover depending on what your needs as a courier are.

Specialist cover options can include:

  • Agreed valuation of vehicle
  • Limited mileage policy discounts
  • Optional breakdown cover
  • Multi-car discounts
  • Windscreen cover
  • Legal cover

Courier Van Insurance

If you are delivering goods belonging to others with multiple drops then our partners could help you save upto 40% on a specialist courier insurance scheme. With a typical courier insurance policy you will be restricted to operating within the UK.

Courier Car Insurance

If you use a car to transport other peoples goods throughout the UK then our partners could help by providing you with a specially tailored car courier insurance policy. This could cover fast transport of urgent goods or multiple drops in or around the UK.

Courier Motorbike Insurance

Some of our partners also offer courier insurance for motorcycles. This is sometimes a much more efficient option in and around big cities such as London where traffic is limited and parking is hard to come b or expensive.

Haulage Insurance

If you drive a larger goods vehicle and tend to transport single loads within the UK or Europe, our partners' range of Haulage insurance schemes could save you money when you obtain our best quote from a specialist panel of haulage insurers.

You Could Save Today!

So, whatever you drive, try our quote form today to see how much our carefully selected partners could save you on your specialised courier insurance quote today.

Van Courier Insurance

Whatever goods you carry, whatever you drive, we could help save you money on courier insurance.


Haulage Insurance

Medium to large haulage vehicles could save with our free to use comparison service.


Fleet Insurance

However many vehicles you operate, whatever the type. See how
much you could
save today.

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