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Courier Insurance Buyer's Guide

What is the definition of a courier?

An individual or company that delivers goods to the general public or other businesses in exchange for payment. Typically a courier will make multiple drops from the same load. Typically couriers will not leave the UK and most often will use a van or car to transport the goods. This is known to insurers as 'Carriage of goods for hire and reward'.

What is the definition of a Haulier?

Hauliers differ to couriers because they typically make just one drop, delivering a load from one point to another in exchange for payment. Hauliers do deliver outside of the UK and most often use a larger vehicle, e.g. truck to deliver the goods allowing for greater loads. This is known to insurers as 'Haulage'.

So Why Not Use standard Van Insurance?

Standard van insurance in many cases only covers the owner for carrying their own goods or materials. Standard van insurance is not suitable for couriers or hauliers because by insurers it covers only 'Carriage of own goods'.

What does Courier and Haulage Insurance cover?

As with most other insurance for vehicles, there are three levels of cover:

  1. Third Party. This is the minimum legal requirement but only provides cover for injury or damage to third party property and persons. No cover is provided for your own car.
  2. Third Party Fire and Theft. In addition to those risks covered in Third Party your car would be covered if damaged by fire or if stolen.
  3. Comprehensive. In addition to those risks covered in Third Party and Third Party Fire and Theft your car is covered for accidental damage.

On top of one of the above, of course couriers and hauliers will then add one or more of the following:

  1. Carriage of Goods for Hire and Reward. This will cover the driver for delivering other peoples goods to multiple locations.
  2. Goods in Transit. This will ensure the goods being transported are covered for theft and damage.
  3. Haulage. Delivery of a single load of other peoples good from one location to another typically withing the UK or Europe.
  4. Public Liability Insurance.
  5. Cover for Dangerous or Toxic Goods.
  6. Employers liability cover (if you employ someone within the vehicle)

How much does Courier Insurance cost?

This is a very difficult question tro answer as there are so many factors in play for insurers to calculate premiums for couriers and hauliers.

The more cover options listed above you add to your policy, the more expensive it is likely to be. On top of that the drivers age, driving history, courier no claim bonus, type of goods being delivered, how many drivers, where the good are being delivered to.

With all this in mind, it is pointless to speculate the cost and much easier to just complete our quote form and speak to a specialist who could help you save upto 40% on your courier or haulier insurance.

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