Those of you running a courier service business will be interested to read that DHL Express has started to deliver parcels into London by using a riverboat. It is believed to be the first courier business to offer such an option to customers. The boat is operated by Thames Clippers Logistics.

We are sure that you will agree this is a potential way of reducing congestion in the capital. Apparently, the parcels are loaded onto electric vehicles and then once they get to Wandsworth Riverside Quarter Pier they are put onto the riverboat. After that, the boat at 7.30am sets off for Bankside Pier in the centre of London. After that the parcels are delivered to customers using DHL courier bicycles.

As well as reducing congestion, as mentioned above, it should also help lower pollution levels in central London so that is another positive factor for this new form of parcel courier delivery service. It may also be quicker to deliver parcels in this way as part of the journey is being made by water.

It will be interesting to see if this riverboat courier service takes off in London and if it does perhaps there may be other places in the UK where such a courier service may prove to be of benefit to all concerned. Could some other courier businesses set up in competition with DHL Express and start to offer a similar service using the River Thames?

DHL, under its Mission 2050 scheme has set itself a target of 2050 to eradicate all emissions that are logistics related.

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