If you are thinking of becoming a self employed courier then one of the questions you may have is what qualifications do you require to operate as one? Well, you will be pleased to read that you do not need to have a degree although there are no doubt some couriers who do possess such a qualification. You don’t even need A Levels or GCSEs.

Obviously, you will need a suitable driving license so you will obviously have had to pass a suitable driving test in order to be a courier driver. That really is the only qualification that you will require.

Being a courier can be a lonely existence. After all you will no doubt be spending a great deal of time behind the wheel of your van. Yes, you will come face to face with customers who you deliver parcels to but such encounters tend to be brief as you will be focused on getting through your daily deliveries as quickly as possible. Therefore, being a courier may not appeal to someone who enjoys spending the day in the company of others such as in an office environment.

Let’s be honest, you surely cannot want to be a courier unless you enjoy driving as that is what most of your day is spent doing. You will have to be a careful, experienced, patient driver as you will be spending time maneuvering in and out of traffic in built up areas and having to reverse out of fairly tight situations. Road traffic accidents can easily happen and if you are involved in one then this could have significant financial consequences as it could keep you off the road for a day or two unless you have access to another vehicle until your van is repaired. In this respect, you may wish to check that you have suitable cover for such an event.

As we have said earlier, you will come face to face with customers whom you deliver parcels to. Therefore, you will need to get on with people. A smile and a few pleasantries do not cost anything. So, social skills are important.

So, we hope that the above gives you peace of mind that, apart from a suitable driving license, you do not need any specific qualifications to set up as a self employed courier.