Working In Pairs

If you run your own business as a courier driver then you will be aware how important it can sometimes be to deliver the parcels as quickly as possible. Not only are you providing a good service to your customers … Continue reading

Cost Of Car Insurance Rises

Courier drivers will be far from happy to read about the rise of car insurance premiums in the first quarter of this year according to the Car Insurance Price Index. Whilst just because such premiums have gone up it … Continue reading

Are You Covered If You Leave The Van Unattended With Keys In The Ignition?

It is tempting for a courier to leave the keys in the ignition whilst he or she makes a delivery. After all, the sooner a parcel is delivered the quicker you are able to get back in your van and … Continue reading

Tipping Delivery Drivers

If you are a takeaway delivery driver then you will no doubt often receive a tip from the person who has placed the food order. Such tips can make quite a difference to the income you make undertaking such a … Continue reading

Ways Of Driving Economically

If you are a courier driver, probably one of your major business expenses will be the cost of putting fuel in your vehicle. Unfortunately, prices at the fuel pumps have been rising in recent weeks with the situation between Russia … Continue reading

Can You Be A Part Time Courier Driver?

With rising petrol prices and increasing household fuel costs as well as mortgage repayments going up a lot of people may be struggling financially and looking for ways to supplement their earned or self employed income. Did you know that … Continue reading

Be Careful Where You Leave Parcels

In recent months, there have been quite a few news articles on the Internet referring to where some courier drivers have been leaving parcels when there has been nobody in at the address they are delivering to. Whilst a delivery … Continue reading

Don’t Forget To Review The Cost Of Your Courier Insurance

There are probably an awful lot of drivers running their own courier service, when receiving their courier insurance renewal notice, merely pop the paperwork in a drawer or delete the email and pay no attention to checking if their premium … Continue reading

Be Careful Where You Park When Delivering

As a courier driver you will be regularly parking up your vehicle for a few minutes whilst dropping off a parcel at a residential or business premises. You should take great care in deciding where to park making sure that … Continue reading