Are You Benefiting From the Royal Mail Industrial Action?

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Tips For Looking After Your Van This Winter

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The State Of Our Roads In England

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Royal Mail Strikes Expected To Disrupt Services

If you are a courier driver then you may well be aware that Royal Mail is the largest deliverer of parcels here in the UK. So, it will not come as a surprise to you to read that the planned … Continue reading

Cost Of Insuring A Car Goes Up

Courier drivers using their own vehicle to deliver parcels have numerous business expenses such as paying for diesel or petrol, servicing the van and of course insuring it. They will also, like the rest of us, have to deal with … Continue reading

Some Beer Delivery Drivers To Strike

Apparently, the union called Unite has announced that some delivery drivers in the UK who deliver beer will be striking soon over pay. One thousand GXO drivers are involved. The workforce was offered an annual rise of 5% but this … Continue reading

Domino’s Looking To Recruit More Delivery Drivers

If you are say either an existing courier driver who is running his or her own business or you are employed and looking for a second income to help you out financially during the difficult financial climate in the UK … Continue reading

Co-op and Uber Eats Partnership

Some large supermarkets have been entering into partnerships with the likes of Uber Eats and Deliveroo so that customers can order some shopping via a Uber Eats or Deliveroo app and arrange delivery very quickly i.e. within say 30 minutes. … Continue reading

Takeaway Delivery Driver Work

If you are a self-employed courier driver and you are a little short of work then you might like to consider seeing if you can pick up some extra work delivering takeaways to supplement your income. In the current financial … Continue reading

Driving In Hot Weather

In the last few weeks here in the UK we have seen temperatures reach extremely high levels. It is being forecast by some that, due to global warming, we are likely to see such temperatures more frequently. So, what can … Continue reading