The cost of your courier cover is likely to increase every year. So, how may you be able to reduce the cost of such insurance or at least contain the cost?

Well, if your existing cover is shortly due for renewal, why not check out how much other providers will charge you for the same level of cover as you may find that you can obtain the cover cheaper with another insurer. It should only take a few minutes to obtain one or more additional quotes. If you are able to get the cover for a lower premium then you may wish to speak with your existing insurer to see if they will match the quote you have received from one of their competitors. If they cannot then it should be easy to move your insurance to the other provider.

If you can afford to pay upfront for the full year’ s premium than you are likely to pay less overall than if you paid monthly. This is because a lot of insurers charge you interest when you decide to pay on a monthly basis for your courier cover.

The make and model of vehicle you use for your courier service business may have an impact upon how much you are charged for your cover. Therefore, you may wish to consider using a vehicle that does just what you need it for rather than buying a vehicle that is, for instance, too big or has an engine that is too powerful. If the van has say a 3 litre engine then it may cost more to insure than if it had a 2 litre engine.

If your vehicle is fitted with certain security devices such as an engine immobilser, tracking system and alarm then you may pay less for your cover than if it did not have one or more of those devices.

The amount of miles you drive around in your van may have an impact upon the cost of how much your insurer charges you for your cover. The more miles that you do the more likely you are to be involved in a road traffic accident.