Apparently, there is a shortage of courier drivers here in the UK. So now may be a good time to consider setting up in business offering a courier service.

One reason is that it is only just over two months to Christmas and that is a very busy time for firms that deliver parcels. In fact, it is the busiest time of the year by far. At this time of year, people start thinking about buying Christmas presents in readiness for the festive season. Of course, the financial impact that the pandemic has had on a lot of families may mean that some are not in a position to buy as many gifts for Christmas as they would normally do.

However, a knock on effect of COVID-19 may mean that more people are deciding to purchase goods online resulting in the need for more courier drivers. There are no doubt quite a lot of people who would normally do their shopping by visiting high street shops but, due to being concerned that they may get the coronavirus, decide to do their shopping online whether that be buying food and/or other household items.

Apparently, a few weeks ago, Amazon announced that it was increasing is workforce here in the UK by 7,000 offering a variety of roles such as at its delivery sites. The company is also taking on an additional 20,000 seasonal workers here in the UK leading up to Christmas.

So, now may be as good a time as any to consider setting up a business as a courier driver. In this respect, there is an awful lot to do such as sourcing a suitable van. You will need to make sure that you have suitable insurance cover for your new courier service business and, in this respect, you will be pleased to hear that we can help so why not get in touch with us today to obtain a competitive quotation.