In the last few weeks here in the UK we have seen temperatures reach extremely high levels. It is being forecast by some that, due to global warming, we are likely to see such temperatures more frequently. So, what can courier drivers do to keep safe during such periods of excessive heat?

Courier drivers depend upon making deliveries of parcels in order to earn a living. So, there is no point in suggesting that he or she does not venture out to do a day’s work in high temperatures.

It is important that you keep hydrated during very hot weather. Therefore, always make sure that you carry enough bottled cold water on your courier van to drink periodically throughout the day and evening. Make sure that you pull over to have a drink avoiding drinking whilst you are actually driving otherwise you may end up being involved in a road traffic accident.

Why not carry a wet flannel with you so that you can mop your brow periodically to help you keep as cool as possible. You could also pour a small amount of cold water over your head to help cool yourself down.

If your van has air conditioning make sure that it is working effectively before setting out. If necessary pay to have it re-gassed to ensure the vehicle stays as cool as possible.

Try to plan your route in advance so that you do not end up in a long queue of traffic say at known road works. It is perhaps better to take a longer detour involving a few extra miles to ensure that you keep on the move.

The last thing you want to do at any time is to break down due to a mechanical fault but it could be even worse if this were to happen in very hot temperatures. So, make sure that your van is regularly serviced to reduce the possibility of this happening.

Remember – keep cool and stay safe.