You will no doubt be aware that there is a huge focus on lowering emission levels from vehicles both here in the UK and the rest of the world to reduce pollution levels thus benefiting people. Manufacturers of motor vehicles such as cars and vans are building more electric vehicles.

Well, the LeasePlan Mobility Insights Report The “New Normal” Edition published this month revealed that 75% of businesses that are involved in online deliveries would switch to using electric light commercial vehicles (eLCV) to deliver items to online shoppers. We are sure that you will agree this is a high percentage. There were 14% of respondents who would not want to switch to using the likes of electric vans and 11% felt it was difficult to say if they would or would not be prepared to do so.

You may be interested to read that LeasePlan is involved in the buying, funding and managing of vehicles in 32 countries so is obviously a very large business.

Interestingly, the above report also revealed that 61% of businesses would be prepared to consider sharing a light commercial vehicle with another business with a view to reducing congestion and saving monies. This would surely be quite a challenge for two businesses to share such a vehicle to make deliveries for both businesses.

Apparently, the above report also revealed that 57% of younger people were worried about the level of congestion that can be attributable to delivery vehicles. Also, 52% of people residing in big cities were concerned about the congestion caused by delivery vehicles.

It is going to be interesting to see how rapidly the electric van market develops and expands over the next few years both here in the UK, the rest of Europe and worldwide. We will continue to keep our readers up to date with its progress in the coming months and years.