There are a lot of businesses from a variety of sectors going through difficult trading times at the moment. Some may still not have recovered from the impact of the pandemic whilst others may have been hit by the worrying financial climate here in the UK. Unfortunately, a well-known delivery firm has this week announced that it has gone into administration.

Tuffnells Parcel Express Ltd has been delivering parcels for years but they have ceased to operate. Regrettably, in excess of 2,000 workers are expected to be made redundant with only a small number being kept on for the time being.

All deliveries have been suspended. The business delivered parcels to in excess of 4,000 businesses in various parts of the UK. Apparently, cash flow was an issue.

This news could not really have come at a worse time for its workforce bearing in mind the current financial climate here in the UK. Many staff will no doubt have mortgages or rent to pay never mind all the other household bills to cope with. It will be interesting to see how many delivery drivers end up being able to find another job as a delivery driver doing courier work. Yes, of course there are no doubt job opportunities out there for that line of work but some may need to make a fresh start in a completely different industry.

The administrators are Richard Harrison and Howard Smith of Interpath Advisory who can no doubt be contacted by relevant parties.

Presumably there will be some delivery drivers of Tuffnells who may decide to set up their own courier driver business. If that is the case then you will need courier insurance so why not get in contact with us to obtain a no-obligation, competitive quotation. We provide access to an extensive panel of specialist insurers. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.