The majority of courier services use a van to deliver items such as parcels but there is also the option of offering a courier service using a motorbike. Let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of providing such a service.

Well, the initial outlay is likely to be lower if you intend to use a motorbike as a motorcycle is likely to cost less than a van to purchase. If you need to borrow the funds to purchase a vehicle then your loan repayments are probably going to be less if it is a motorbike you buy rather than a van.

If you use a motorcycle, you will have to cope with inclement weather that we often come across here in Great Britain. On such rainy days you will probably be wishing that you were delivering parcels using a van rather than having to get wet on a motorbike.

A motorcycle may prove to be particularly useful in getting about quickly in a city moving in and out of cars caught up in a traffic jam making sure that the item is delivered in a speedy fashion. There are a lot of businesses that use a courier service to transport goods for them and are often looking to have the item delivered as quickly as possible.

A motorbike is probably going to be more fuel efficient than if you were driving a van. When you consider the number of miles you will probably be travelling as a courier the mode of transport is worth considering. A motorbike will probably cost less to maintain.

Unfortunately, you will be limited as to the size and number of items that you will be able to deliver as a courier using a motorbike. A van enables you to transport larger items and more of them.

We hope that the above is of some assistance in helping you decide whether offering a motorcycle courier service is going to be of benefit. Who knows, you may find that if you do decide to offer such a service that it proves to be extremely popular and profitable.