As a courier driver, this is probably the busiest time of the year with more and more people using the Internet to order gifts for Christmas. As a result, you may be under significant pressure to deliver parcels to people’s homes and business premises and may feel that any time you can save during your day is good.

However, tempting as it may seem, when you drive up to someone’s place of residence or work and get their parcel out of the back of the van make sure that your van is fully locked, engine off and you have the keys with you. Why? – you may be asking.

Well, quite simply if you leave your van unlocked and it is stolen then your insurance company may refuse to meet any claim you submit for its theft resulting in you potentially loosing thousands of pounds in having to buy a replacement vehicle. If one or more of the parcels were stolen from the unlocked van then your insurer may refuse to meet any claim.

It is also worth mentioning, especially at this time of year, that if you go out to your van in the morning only to find that it is frosted over you should not turn the engine on and then leave the vehicle unattended with the engine running with the keys in the ignition to defrost while you go inside and have some breakfast. If you did this and the van was stolen off your drive or outside your home then it is unlikely you would be covered by your insurance company.

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