If you run a courier service business then you will no doubt be well aware just how competitive it can be. There are a number of large companies providing a courier service here in the UK and an awful lot of people who have set up a courier business as a sole trader who, over the years, may have expanded to operate two or three vehicles delivering parcels to homes and businesses around the country whether it be on a local or national basis or both.

If you have just set up in business as a courier and are finding that it is taking longer than expected to make a success of your parcel delivery service business have you thought of diversifying and getting involved in fast food delivery? For many years, the likes of local and national pizza firms as well as Chinese and Indian takeaway businesses have offered a local delivery service. You may find that this is a potential business opportunity for you so you may wish to do some research to establish if it is a viable option.

Why not get in touch with the local fast food retail outlets in your area and see if they have positions available for delivery drivers. After all, you will not require any further capital outlay because as you already operate a courier service you will have a suitable vehicle to be able to deliver the likes of pizzas and Chinese meals without any problem.

Another thing to bear in mind is that, as a courier, your normal working day is more likely to be during office hours whereas the majority of fast food deliveries will be made on an evening. So, assuming that you are not too tired, you should be able to take on such a role to supplement your income until your existing courier service business is more established.

If you are a courier, we hope that the above has given you food for thought.