As a courier driver you probably spend most of your day and sometimes the evening as well driving around roads in the area that you cover in your van dropping off dozens of parcels at both residential and business premises. Not only will you have to watch out for other road users and pedestrians but you will also probably keep on the look out for things like potholes in roads that you would prefer to avoid so that you do not damage your tyres.

A report was produced by the Department of Transport earlier this month that provided a bit of an insight into the state of our roads in England. To be honest, it does not make particularly good reading but if you want to do so you can find it on the website.

For example, as many as 15% of unassigned roads as at March 2022 may need maintenance work to them asap, 4% of motorways are in the same state potentially, 4% of local A roads, 7% of major A roads and 6% of B and C roads may also be in a similar state. That is a very high percentage and is somewhat concerning.

As a courier driver you may well end up spending some of your day driving along all of the above types of roads. So, it is quite possible that you will encounter bumps in roads etc. If you do then it doesn’t make your day very pleasant.

With the current economic climate here in England not being good it is going to be interesting to see if much progress is made to repair those roads in current need of repairs. It would be interesting to see if a similar report is produced around the same time next year and compare it with this latest one. We will continue to keep courier drivers updated in this respect.