If you are considering setting up in business as a courier driver then it is quite likely that you will need a van to transport parcels and any other items. Yes, you may be able to use your existing car, assuming that it is suitably insured, for a period of time but, as your business hopefully grows, there may come a time when a van is required.

So, below we thought you may find it beneficial if we mentioned some of the things that you may need to consider when deciding what van to purchase.

New or second hand van

Your budget is likely to dictate whether you can afford to buy or lease a new or second hand van. If money is not an issue then your preference may be to select a new van as it may prove to be more reliable than a used van. However, if funds are tight, which they may well be in the early stages of your business, then you may prefer to obtain a second hand van.

Size of van

Vans come in so many sizes so it is important that you select one that is big enough to cope with the number of parcels you are going to be delivering on a daily basis. Don’t forget to take into account the possibility of your business expanding so you may wish to consider obtaining a van that can cope with your forecast increase in the volume of parcels.

Fuel type

Currently, there are more diesel-fuelled vans on UK roads although there are some that are petrol-fuelled. You would normally expect to get more miles to the gallon from a diesel van than a petrol van. However, it is worth noting that electric vans are growing in numbers on our roads.

Refrigerated vans

If you are carrying certain items of food that need to be kept cool then it is likely that you are going to have to consider a refrigerated van. You will be pleased to read that you should find a wide selection available.

How to fund obtaining a van

There are so many options potentially available to you such as buying a van outright, obtaining a business loan from your bank, hire –purchase or leasing. You may wish to get some professional advice as to which is likely to be the most suitable for your courier business.

We hope that the above is of assistance if you are considering obtaining a van for your courier business.