Courier drivers spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of their delivery vans as they transport parcel after parcel to their clients’ customers. Unfortunately, you only have to look on the Internet to read about a limited number of couriers having parcels stolen sometimes at knifepoint. Your safety is of paramount importance so do be careful.

If you know the drop off areas well then you will be aware of the locations that you are at greatest risk of being attacked. In those areas you may wish to try to park as close as possible to the premises that you are delivering to so that you spend as little time out of your vehicle as possible.

You also read of an increasing number of thefts of parcels that have been delivered to people’s homes and left on doorsteps. In this respect, whilst we appreciate that time is money and you want to deliver the parcels on your van as quickly as possible, do try to hand over the parcel to someone at the property you are delivering to rather than just leaving the parcel in the customer’s porch in the clear vision of a would-be thief or be seen leaving the parcel by the wheelie bin by the side of the property.

We are sure that you will appreciate you are unlikely to know if the item you are delivering is of a significant value.

If threatened with violence by a potential parcel thief then do not put yourself at greater risk. It would be far better and safer to just hand over the parcel and then report the matter to the police,

Make sure that should you park up somewhere perhaps to have a sandwich and a drink for lunch in your delivery van that you park in a safe place. Much as it may seem nice to park in the middle of nowhere with fantastic views is it safe to do so?