If you are a courier driver it is quite likely that you are very busy at the moment as a result of the coronavirus. This is probably due to a number of things but we are sure you welcome the extra business especially if your partner is self-isolating.

As you know, the likes of clothing and electrical goods shops are closed due to the virus. However, it is still possible to buy such items online and this is no doubt what an increasing number of people are doing here in the UK. Those orders have to get to the customer some how and this is where the courier driver can assist.
These increased orders will provide much needed additional work for couriers in a variety of places around the UK.

In addition, there may be the opportunity to deliver medicines to customers in their homes due to people having to self-isolate. Apparently, some of the supermarkets offering online deliveries of food and other similar items are booked well in advance so may need to take on more drivers.

So, if you are a courier driver, this could prove to be a tremendous opportunity to take on much needed additional work. In doing so, you are also benefitting the public by providing such s service.

Of course, you should not take on more work than you can realistically cope with as this could lead to tiredness. So, before agreeing to take on extra delivery work, make an internal assessment of your work pattern to help decide if you can deal with extra deliveries.

Courier drivers should make sure that their vehicles are well maintained to enable them to help cope with the extra workload.

We hope that delivery drivers take every opportunity to increase their profits and income during this period. We will continue to keep our readers updated with any further news relating to couriers.