It is interesting that there would appear to be a significant number of vacancies for delivery drivers here in the UK. Opportunities exist in numerous parts of the UK.

If you are interested in running your own business as a courier driver but would first like to get a feel for whether this type of job is for you then an option potentially open to you is to join a delivery company on an employed basis to find out if it is the type of work you would like to do.

If you go on the Internet and type something appropriate into your search bar you may be presented with quite a lot of opportunities to work for someone as a courier driver on an employed basis. By doing this you will have a good understanding as to whether it is the type of work you can see yourself doing on a long-term basis.

If, after a reasonable period of time, you are confident that you enjoy your work as a courier driver then you may want to consider setting up running your own courier service in your locality. You will need to consider so many things such as how much competition there is in your area for courier work. If the marketplace is saturated then is this a trade that you really want to try to make a living within.

Obviously, you will need a suitable vehicle to deliver lots of parcels of varying sizes. If funds are tight then you may initially prefer to use say your family car rather than invest in buying a van to deliver parcels. Once you are established then you could consider investing in a suitable van. At that point you will need to decide whether to buy a second hand or a new van and there are pros and cons of both options.

In the current economic climate, with many households struggling to pay their household bills, you may wish to keep your options open and both work on an employed basis and a self-employed basis until your new business venture has become established.