If you are a courier, it is quite likely that you will be delivering parcels and other items in a van. Ideally, courier drivers running their own business would probably prefer to be driving around dropping off parcels in a brand new van as opposed to a second hand vehicle. So, what are some of the benefits of purchasing a new van?

It has to be said that a new van can impress your customers who may be more likely to use your services in the future. Of course, it is down to personal preference but many customers would no doubt prefer to see their parcel being taken out of a clean, new van as opposed to a mucky, rusty old van. Let’s be honest, you would probably rather be picked up by a brand new taxi than an old one to take you to the airport to jet off on holiday.

There is also the maintenance of the van to consider. A new van is probably going to come with some manufacturers warranty should it break down whereas a used van that is several years old is unlikely to be covered by a warranty. With a new van, you don’t need to worry about an MOT for quite some time. The cost of repairs on a new van is likely to be lower than that of a used van.

There is also the reliability factor to take into account. The last thing you want to happen is that you breakdown in your van whilst partly through deliveries. After all, this could have a negative impact on your ability to deliver parcels and thus your income. The upkeep of a new van is likely to be less than that of a used van.

A new van will probably come with modern technology such as a sat nav to help you get around your drop offs without any undue delay. You no doubt spend many hours behind the wheel of your van so a good sound system i.e. radio and DVD player may prove invaluable.

A new van may well be slightly more fuel-efficient than a used van with 100,000 miles on the clock. With fuel prices rather high at the moment a new van could end up saving you money.

A new van may be safer to drive than a 10 year old van. For instance, your new van may have an air bag or two to hopefully provide some protection in the event of being involved in a road traffic accident.

Of course, if you are considering buying a new van for your courier business, do remember that it will almost cost you more to purchase than a used van.