As a courier driver you will be regularly parking up your vehicle for a few minutes whilst dropping off a parcel at a residential or business premises. You should take great care in deciding where to park making sure that you are allowed to do so.

If you are delivering to a residential property on a housing estate then it is usually straightforward when it comes to parking outside the home. Obviously you should ideally make sure that you are not blocking a neighbour in or stopping them being able to park on their own drive.

If you are delivering a parcel to a remote house in the countryside then, hopefully, they will have a drive upon which you can park without upsetting anyone.

If you are delivering a parcel to someone’s home on a busy street say in a town then you should not block the road to other motorists by double parking. Make sure that you are parked up to the kerb.

If you are delivering a parcel to a business on a trading estate then you should park in a place that does not block other vehicles that require access in close proximity.

One of the most problematic locations potentially to deliver a parcel to is to a local shop in a busy town centre. You may be faced with there being double yellow lines along the street. Do check first, but hopefully you will be permitted to make a drop off if you are only going to be 5 minutes.

If you come across a street where there are double red lines then you will not be able to park on them so you will need to find an alternative place to park your courier van as close as possible to where you need to deliver to.

If you adopt a sensible approach then, hopefully, you will not end up getting a parking fine.