Apparently, the union called Unite has announced that some delivery drivers in the UK who deliver beer will be striking soon over pay. One thousand GXO drivers are involved.

The workforce was offered an annual rise of 5% but this has been rejected by the workers. This figure is lower than the rate of inflation here in the UK. In addition, apparently, the draymen’s employer wants to reduce sick pay.

A strike is scheduled to take place from the 31st October to the 4th November 2022 so it is quite possible that there would be a shortage of beer in some pubs. The drivers involved supply in the region of 40% of beer here in the UK so the strike is likely to affect a considerable number of people. In addition, an overtime ban is due to start on the 24th October 2022.

It is to be hoped that the matters can be resolved well before the World Cup starts on the 20th November 2022 as, if not, supplies to venues showing the football matches live could find themselves without supplies of beer and this could affect takings considerably at what is likely to be a busy period for the likes of pubs and other outlets.

It has to be said that it is a shame that strike action has to be taken in order to encourage all parties to reach an agreement that everyone is happy with. Such action obviously affects so many people and businesses here in the UK and it comes at a time when the UK is going through a very difficult period from a financial perspective that is likely to continue for quite some time.

Let us hope that all parties manage to sort things out in the course of the next few days. We will of course try to continue to keep our readers up to date with any relevant developments in respect of the above.