As a courier, you will be aware that the number of online retail sales has been increasing over the years with the busiest period being at Christmas. Obviously, many consumers are keen to receive their new purchase as quickly as possible.

Some time ago a delivery management business by the name of whistl found that 7% of customers that had made online purchases wanted them delivered to their doors on the same day that the order was placed. When you consider how many people do online shopping these days that could amount to a significant business opportunity for courier drivers.

In addition, there are no doubt quite a number of businesses that would like to have goods or supplies delivered more locally to either consumers or other businesses on the same day. Again, this may present a tremendous opportunity for courier drivers to obtain new business –in particular the smaller “one man band” business owner.

Of course, if someone wants to have a new purchase delivered by courier service on the same day then they will be quite prepared to pay more as a delivery charge so, as long as the courier costs it out correctly, it is an excellent opportunity to increase the profits of the business and the income the owner takes from his or her business.

A small courier service may find it difficult to compete with the large national courier companies in obtaining same day delivery business but there must be a number of potential opportunities on a local basis. Small courier firms could advertise their services in the local press, do a number of mailshot drops on numerous trading estates and set up a website focused on the locality.

So, if you are a small courier service looking to expand then why not give the above some thought. Do some research to see what the level of competition is for such business and, if viable, why not give it a go. Good luck.