The vast majority of courier drivers tend to make their deliveries using a van although a limited number use a car. The purchase of a van to enable you to carry out your courier service business often involves a significant capital outlay. Some couriers will decide to purchase a used van as this is more likely to involve a lower capital outlay than if you were to purchase a new van.

In the current economic climate with inflation being so high it has resulted in a large number of people here in the UK having to tighten their belts whether that be in relation to your household expenditure or your courier business expenditure. So, it may surprise you to read that the number of new vans being sold in the UK has increased for the third month in a row. Of course, we do not know how many of the new vans sold were bought by couriers.

According to figures recently produced by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the number of new vans sold in the up to 3.5 tonnes categories was 47,634 in March 3023 whereas in March 2022 the figure was only 40,613 with this being a rise of 17.3%. On a year to date basis to the 31st March 2023 the number of such vehicles sold was 87,272 whereas for the same period in 2022 the figure was 74,344 with this being a rise of 17.4%.

We are sure that you will agree the above figures make for interesting reading. It perhaps just goes to show that the new van market here in the UK is very much “alive and kicking”. It is going to be interesting to see if the new van marketplace continues to grow in the coming months. Let us hope that it does. We will continue to keep you updated with relevant statistics.