If you are a self-employed courier driver and you are a little short of work then you might like to consider seeing if you can pick up some extra work delivering takeaways to supplement your income.

In the current financial climate here in the UK there are a lot of people struggling to pay their household bills. So, this may be a possible way of obtaining much needed additional income.

By the very nature of the work as a takeaway delivery driver it is quite likely that much of the work will be on an evening as that is when a larger percentage of customers place an order rather than during the daytime. As most of your normal courier work will be done during the day the timing should hopefully not present a problem.

You may be able to find opportunities to work as a part time takeaway delivery driver with a number of fast food outlets such as pizza and burger businesses.

Who knows exactly how the anticipated recession is going to affect your business as you may find that people will reduce the number of non-essential items they purchase online thus reducing your workload as a courier driver. It may also mean that people may decide not to order as many takeaways on the phone or online to be delivered to their homes in order to reduce their personal expenditure.

So, it may be a good idea to cover as many eventualities as possible to try to protect your own income stream.

Why not do some research and see what opportunities there may be locally to do a bit of part time work as a takeaway delivery driver. It shouldn’t take you long to do this with a good way probably being through the Internet. You could also keep your eye in the local paper checking out the jobs vacancies section or popping into your local recruitment office.