As a courier driver you will be well aware that Royal Mail staff have been striking on a number of days leading up to and after Christmas causing disruption to both the delivery of letters and parcels at what is a particular busy time of the year. A number of customers who purchased items online as Christmas presents from various retailers will have been concerned if the retailers concerned only used Royal Mail to deliver their goods to customers.

Some retailers may not have had time to source alternative courier services possibly resulting in a number of customers not receiving parcels before Santa Claus arrived at peoples’ homes in the early hours of Christmas morning.

Who knows but the above industrial action may be carrying on for some time so this may present an opportunity for those of you running your own courier service to take on more lucrative business. If you are a large courier business then you may be able to source additional work from one or more of the larger retailers.

If you run a much smaller courier service on a local basis then you may still be able to pick up additional work. For instance, there may be the likes of small online jewelry retailers who have used Royal Mail to deliver but during the strikes are having to revert to delivering items to local customers in their own vehicles on occasions. So, why not get in touch with the owner and offer your services. It may lead to much welcome long term additional work for you.

The courier business sector is a very competitive marketplace so any opportunity that you can take is positive as long as the work is profitable of course. We hope that you have a very successful 2023 and beyond. Whilst writing, if you do require a competitive quote for courier insurance why not get in touch with us at your convenience.