There are no doubt some people who have possibly not ventured out of doors for months due to being concerned that they may get the coronavirus. Some of these people will have ordered their weekly food shop online and arranged for it to be delivered to their homes.

Well, with Christmas less than a month away, we are sure that a number of those people would love to be able to have a chat with someone face to face for a few minutes. So, you may find it interesting to read that Asda, the well-known supermarket chain here in the UK, has made available for those of their delivery drivers that want to wear one a badge with the words “Happy to Chat” on.

Christmas is a joyous occasion and a time to be merry so we are sure that you will agree this is a great idea on the part of Asda and it will be interesting to see if a number of the other supermarket chains do a similar thing for their delivery drivers.

It is great that those Asda delivery drivers wearing the badge are prepared to give up a few minutes of their extremely busy day between delivering food and drink to householders to stop and have a chat for a short time with people that they are delivering to. Dare we say, perhaps Asda’s older customer base may get the most benefit from this especially during the Christmas period as they tend to get out less frequently than the younger generation.

Well done to those Asda delivery drivers taking part in their “Happy To Chat” scheme. We hope that you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your families subject of course to abiding by the pandemic rules that the government puts in place over the festive period. Let us hope that 2021 proves to be a better year than this year.