If you are a courier driver then you will no doubt want to drop of the parcels that you have to deliver for the day as quickly as possible. After all, once you have completed your deliveries, it is quite possible that you will be able to get home and spend more time with your family and doing things for yourself.

That all sounds great but it is important that you keep within the speed limit at all times whilst out delivering parcels. Tempting as it may be to do your deliveries as quickly as possible you do not want to break the law by exceeding the various speed limits you will undoubtedly come across as a courier driver.

If you were to break the speed limit and are caught doing so by the likes of a speed camera, a speed van or a police vehicle then you would have to suffer the consequences. This may involve being fined, getting points on your driving license that could end up with you being banned from driving and even lead to being imprisoned.

If you are banned from driving for a period of time then this may have a negative impact upon your income whether you are employed as a courier driver or run your own courier service business. At the best of times this would not be good but in the current economic climate this may have an even worse impact upon you and your family from a financial perspective.

Your courier insurance is likely to cost more going forward. This is also not good news.

Even worse, what if you were involved in a road traffic accident whilst exceeding the speed limit resulting in somebody being severely injured or even killed.

So, make sure that you keep within the speed limit whilst doing your courier work as it is better to complete your day’s work without being involved in any road traffic incidents.