If you are an out of work courier driver or do not currently have enough work delivering parcels to keep you going then you may be interested to read that Domino’s Pizza, who you will no doubt be aware make pizzas for people to take away, are looking to take on more delivery drivers here in the UK.

Apparently, the business is looking to recruit an additional 5,000 delivery drivers and chefs in various parts of the UK. This should present the opportunity for a large number of people who have perhaps lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic to obtain work at a much-needed time.

Domino’s Pizza has around 1,100 outlets here in the UK. As more and more people return to their old jobs it is quite possible that the pizza business may loose some of those staff who go back to do their old roles with other companies so they will no doubt be looking to fill those vacancies. In March last year, Domino’s Pizza took on around an extra 6,000 staff at those outlets.

So, if you are looking for gainful employment then you may wish to consider getting in touch with Domino’s Pizza to explore the possibility of doing some delivery work for them.

You only have to type something like “delivery drivers” into your browser’s search bar and you will be presented with a number of websites offering jobs as delivery drivers. For instance, Morrisons supermarket chain are currently looking for delivery drivers to deliver their customers’ shopping to their homes who have ordered their shopping online. Tesco, Waitrose and Sainsburys supermarkets are also doing the same thing. Amazon needs more delivery drivers.

As we have mentioned in a previous post, people have been buying more goods online so there are no doubt many opportunities to set up on your own as a courier driver.