You are almost certain to have heard of the fast-food restaurant called McDonald’s that is in various towns and cities around the UK and, of course, in many other countries around the world. It serves the likes of beef burgers, ice creams and milkshakes to millions of people worldwide. Well, partly due to a shortage of delivery drivers, its outlets in England, Wales and Scotland have temporarily run out of milkshakes.

Apparently, the supply shortage is affecting around 1,250 McDonald’s restaurants. As a result, there will no doubt be a lot of children and adults who are very disappointed that they are currently not able to enjoy a flavoured milkshake with their meal. Of course, as it is the summer holidays at the moment, the timing is not very good as we suspect that this time of the year is a busy one for McDonald’s. Presumably though, customers both young and old will be able to partake of some other drinks until milkshakes become available again.

As we have previously mentioned, there is a shortage of lorry drivers in the UK and this has impacted on the delivery of goods to a number of retail and food outlets and not just McDonald’s. You would have thought that with the number of people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic that a number of them would consider training to be an HGV driver here in the UK.

It would be interesting to find out how much foot flow is being lost by McDonald’s at the moment due to not being able to sell milkshakes. Let us hope that this popular cold drink is soon being delivered to McDonald’s restaurants once more when it can start to be enjoyed again by children and their mums and dads. We will endeavor to keep our courier driver readers updated about this and other interesting news events here in the UK.