Some large supermarkets have been entering into partnerships with the likes of Uber Eats and Deliveroo so that customers can order some shopping via a Uber Eats or Deliveroo app and arrange delivery very quickly i.e. within say 30 minutes. This sort of service will no doubt appeal to a number of people who live fast-paced lives.

The Co-op already offer such a service via Deliveroo at a considerable number of its stores with delivery within 30 minutes of an online order being placed on the delivery businesses app presumably dependent upon when the order is done.

Now the Co-op has got together with Uber Eats and is gradually offering a rapid delivery of certain items at up to 1,000 stores in the UK. Apparently it may be possible to have items delivered in around 30 minutes making this an extremely fast response time. There is a choice of around 6,000 items that can be delivered in this way.

Apparently, you can order a whole week’s shopping, a number of ready meals or perhaps a few things that you may have forgotten to order on your weekly shop.

There will be some shoppers who prefer to call into a store to buy items such as fresh fruit and vegetables as they will no doubt wish to examine them before deciding to buy to check on things like freshness and to avoid bruised items of say fruit. There will be others who prefer to do a weekly shop via an app from the comfort of their home and have their order delivered quickly preferring to avoid having to join large numbers of shoppers and stand in a queue at the till and have to load the shopping in bags, load them in the car boot, drive home, unload the bags from the boot, take them into the house and empty the bags to finally put them away in the kitchen cupboards.

Let us hope that this proves to be a successful partnership between the Co-op and Uber Eats.