Waitrose, the well-known supermarket chain here in the UK, has recently announced that it intends to take on almost 1,850 more pickers and delivery drivers for its online shopping facility Waitrose.com for Christmas 2020. This is welcome news particularly in view of the pandemic as there are many thousands of people looking for work who have lost their jobs in recent months.

Demand for online purchases at Waitrose.com has increased significantly so far this year as the number of slots online has increased by more than threefold to about 190,000 every week. Since the start of 2020, the business has taken on a further 1,800 delivery drivers.

Apparently, customers of Waitrose.com are already buying items for Christmas with demand for seasonal products going up by 250% when compared with 2019. It is also interesting to read that demand for Christmas turkeys has risen by 280%.

If you happen to live in certain parts of Hove and London you can use the Waitrose Rapid service and have delivered up to 25 products to your home in the space of only 2 hours. We are sure that you will agree that is a quick delivery timescale.

Waitrose is renowned for the quality of its produce and its service levels in its stores so we presume that Waitrose.com will be keen to maintain high standards.

There may be some self employed courier drivers who are looking for alternative delivery opportunities who would prefer to be employed for a period of time so may wish to consider applying for one of these job opportunities. We presume that there may be other supermarkets that are looking to recruit seasonal staff over the Christmas period so why not do some research in this respect.

If we do hear of any opportunities for delivery drivers we will do our best to mention some of them in the coming weeks.