An awful lot of things have gone up in price in 2022 here in the UK as we go through a very difficult financial period. One of those things is car insurance and if insuring a car has gone up then it is quite likely that insuring a courier van has also risen in price.

On a quarterly basis, publishes its car insurance price index showing what has been happening to the cost of insuring a car in the UK. The price comparison website recently published its report covering the last quarter of 2022 and it does not make for a good read unfortunately.

In every quarter of last year, the average premium paid by motorists in the UK to insure his or her car rose. In the 4th quarter of 2022, the average premium was £629 per annum. That was up from an average of £586 per annum in the 3rd quarter. In fact, premiums rose by an average of £100 per annum in the year to the last quarter of 2022. That is a large rise and is one that motorists could have done without.

If you were to study the above index that can be found on the website you would see that where you live has a huge bearing upon how much your insurer charges you to insure your motor vehicle. For instance, those people living in Inner London are paying more to insure their cars than anywhere else in the UK with such premiums averaging £1,008 per annum. As you can see, that is significantly more than the average figure across the UK of £629 per annum.

Another factor that has a bearing upon how much you are charged to insure your car is your age. It probably does not surprise you to read that younger drivers tend to pay more for their cover than the more experienced driver. For example, an 18 year old paid an average of £1,715 per annum to cover their car whereas a 30 year old paid an average of £851 per annum and a 65 year old an average of £385 per annum in the last quarter of 2022.

If your courier cover is coming up for renewal or you are looking for such cover for the first time why not get in contact with us with a view to obtaining a no-obligation, competitive quote for courier insurance.