Well, that is an interesting question and really depends upon whether you intend to apply for a job to be employed by a large delivery company or whether you plan to set up your own business as a self-employed delivery driver.

If you are thinking of applying for a job to work for a company as a courier driver then the company will no doubt have their own entry requirements. For instance, they might insist that people they employ as delivery drivers must have a minimum of Maths and English at GCSE level. There may be a number of companies that say you have to have at least say 6 GCSEs including say Maths and English. It really is down to the company concerned. It could also be that you do not have to have any formal educational qualifications. It is probably highly unlikely that a company would insist that you have A levels or a Degree.

However, whilst it may be obvious to most people thinking of become a courier driver, we thought it worth just reminding you that you will need a suitable full driving license to drive the type of vehicle the company utilise to make deliveries.

The situation is potentially a little different if you are setting up your own self-employed courier business. Within reason, you make the decision about minimum levels of qualifications as, after all, it is likely to be you doing the driving. If you are employing anyone then you also make the decision as to whether a driver needs any qualifications and if so what they are. However, do bear in mind that a number of large delivery companies use contractors and those companies may have a minimum requirement surrounding educational qualifications. Just to mention once more, you will need a suitable full driving license for the vehicle you will be driving.

We do hope that the above was of benefit.