If you are a takeaway delivery driver then you will no doubt often receive a tip from the person who has placed the food order. Such tips can make quite a difference to the income you make undertaking such a role.

So, what can be the difference between receiving a tip or not? Well, make sure that you arrive on time with the takeaway food delivery. There is nothing worse than to arrive later than anticipated and if you are late you are less likely to receive a tip. When arriving at the customer’s premises try to use their name or, if you don’t have that information, call them sir or madam – it makes it more personal and may help you receive a tip. Smile at the customer when you arrive with their food order – you are more likely to receive a tip by doing this than looking as though you don’t really want to be their.

If you are a courier delivering the likes of a parcel containing say clothing there may be occasions when the customer is prepared to give you a tip. As mentioned above, smile, be pleasant and use their name or call them sir or madam. Subject to the situation relating to the coronavirus, hand them the parcel rather than just leaving it on their doorstep as this makes it more personal. Imagine if you had say 100 customers to drop off parcels to and say 10 of them each gave you a tip of £1.00 5 days a week – that would be an extra £50 per week which is a significant sum and would go towards your business expenditure such as partly covering your fuel costs or meeting the cost of your courier insurance.

Bear in mind that it costs you nothing to smile but may result in you receiving a welcome tip to supplement your hard earned income as a courier or take away delivery driver.