If you run your own business as a courier driver then you will be aware how important it can sometimes be to deliver the parcels as quickly as possible. Not only are you providing a good service to your customers but it may also mean that you are able to get back to the depot to load up your van again and make a second delivery trip of the day resulting in increased income.

A potential option could be to employ another person to accompany you on your deliveries. That person could sit in the passenger seat of your van and upon arrival at a customer’s residential or business premises get out of the vehicle, remove the parcel from the back of the van and deliver it to the customer’s premises and by the time he or she has returned to the deliver van you have been able to turn the van around if required in readiness for driving away to get to the next drop off address.

This could save you some time and that time could enable you to complete your first drop off of parcels for the day and get back to the depot, load up another consignment of parcels and head off once more to make a second drop off of the day.

Of course that means that you are potentially using more fuel so an alternative could be to buy a larger van and increase the number of parcels you are able to carry on the larger van and spend all day delivering those parcels without the potential additional expense of having to return to the depot to load up for a second time in the day.

Obviously, you will need to take into account the additional cost of employing someone as you will no doubt need to pay his or her wages etc. Is it still financially viable to work in pairs? Hopefully we have given you food for thought.