It is tempting for a courier to leave the keys in the ignition whilst he or she makes a delivery. After all, the sooner a parcel is delivered the quicker you are able to get back in your van and head off to deliver the next item.

However, what happens if the vehicle is stolen or one or more parcels are stolen from the back of the van whilst you leave the vehicle unattended with the keys still left in the ignition? Are you covered by your courier insurance policy?

Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that your courier insurance provider will pay out in such a situation. After all, when you think about it, by leaving the keys in the ignition whilst delivering a parcel you are at greater risk of having the van stolen by a thief or having parcels stolen from the rear of the van. One of the things that affect the cost of insurance is the risk of something happening and by leaving your keys unattended in the ignition of your van you are increasing the risk of the vehicle being stolen or items being stolen from within it,

Whilst it may seem a pain to always have to remove your keys from the ignition of your van and make sure it is locked every time you are aware from the vehicle delivering a parcel, make sure that you do just that otherwise you could end up with a huge problem if the van or some of the parcels are stolen. Can you imagine the financial cost of having to find a replacement van if yours is stolen or the cost of having to pay for the goods stolen?

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