There are hundreds of thousands of people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic here in the UK. Many of those people are struggling to find work and are suffering financial hardship. If you find yourself in this position and you happen to live in London or a major city in the UK have you considered setting up in business as a bicycle courier?

Potentially, this may be an opportunity to earn some much needed income without a huge capital outlay especially if you already own a bicycle. There are quite a number of motorcycle couriers but there are likely to be fewer couriers who use a bicycle to deliver letters and small parcels.

If you type something like ‘BICYCLE COURIER JOBS” into your browser’s search bar you are likely to see a number of websites talking about bicycle courier jobs in certain parts of the UK including London and Birmingham.

Offering a bicycle courier service to take letters, parcels and fast-food short distances within a city may be of financial benefit to someone who is currently unable to obtain gainful employment. If you already own a roadworthy bicycle then you may only just need to invest in buying some form of box that can be located behind the seat of your bicycle to store the letters, parcels or food.

You will also want to seriously consider taking out bicycle courier insurance that can be sourced via the Internet. This will provide you with peace of mind should you be involved in say a road traffic accident or if your bicycle is stolen whilst delivering a parcel to someone’s home or business premises.

If you are in a financial position to do so, you may wish to consider buying an electric bicycle as this may make cycling less tiresome and may also mean that you are able to get from A to B quicker. An electric bicycle may mean that you can travel further distances and take on more work.