You may be aware that there are not enough delivery drivers in the UK as a result of which this is causing problems for various types of goods being delivered. For instance, we have previously mentioned about issues with milkshakes being supplied to McDonald’s outlets.

Well, the problem appears to be continuing based upon a number of news articles that we have seen in the last few days. For instance, schools are being encouraged to stock up with food to make school dinners for children as they could be faced with shortages due to problems with there not being enough delivery drivers in various parts of the UK.

A number of HGV drivers employed by Tesco’s wholesale arm called Bookers may be going on strike and that may affect deliveries to around 1,500 Budgens and Londis convenience stores. Apparently, it relates to a dispute about a pay rise offered to some drivers at a particular depot but not to drivers at another depot.

Morrisons supermarket chain has also reported a shortage of some foods and drinks in stores due to the lorry driver shortage.

It will be interesting to see if things like food shortages result in a rise in prices in certain shops here in the UK with this being something that shoppers could do without considering everything they have been going through in relation to the pandemic.

The Government has recently released a consultation document in which it has put forward the possibility of changing the testing process for potential HGV drivers that it believes would speed up the process in them getting a suitable license but also taking into account road safety. It also has suggested that examiner capacity needs to be freed up more.

It is obviously challenging times for the above industries so let us hope that things return to normal as quickly as possible. We will continue to keep our readers up to date.