If you are a courier driver then it is quite likely that you will be working alone unless you have larger items to deliver that you would need the assistance of a colleague to deliver to a customer’s home. Delivery drivers will often have to drop off parcels when it is dark here in the UK during the winter months when there is a shorter period of daylight. There has been some interesting research carried out that reveals a high percentage of such workers are concerned for their safety.

A survey was carried out by Peoplesafe that reveals 35% of home delivery drivers believe that they are at risk when they are out and about delivering parcels in isolated parts of the country or when it is dark when they are on their own. Presumably, there will be a number of courier drivers reading this post who feel this way.

The survey also revealed that a staggering 20% of home delivery drivers have actually been threatened or attacked by some people here in the UK. We are sure that you will agree these figures are most concerning.

Needless to say, everybody going about their work should be able to do so without living in fear that they may get attacked by someone. So, what can courier drivers do to help reduce the possibility of being threatened or attacked?

Well, if someone is considering stealing the goods that you have in your van that are awaiting delivery to customer’s homes then you really ought to make sure that when you leave your van to drop a parcel off that you lock your vehicle. Doing this may lead to fewer attempts to break into your vehicle thus avoiding confrontation with thieves.

When you arrive at a property to drop a parcel off then you should try to park as close to the property as possible and check if anyone is hanging around looking suspicious.

If you are working as a courier driver whilst it is dark then, if at all possible, you might like to park on the customer’s drive facing the property you are dropping off at and leave your headlights on to light up your path to the customer’s home. Doing this may act as a deterrent to a thief.

Whilst you may feel it is easier said than done- try to avoid placing yourself at risk of being attacked or having your van broken into.