Courier drivers will be far from happy to read about the rise of car insurance premiums in the first quarter of this year according to the Car Insurance Price Index. Whilst just because such premiums have gone up it does not mean for certain that the cost of courier cover has also increased but it is quite possible that it has.

One of the biggest expenses that a courier driver has is the cost of putting fuel in their vehicle. Unfortunately, petrol and diesel prices are very high at pumps around the UK at the moment so any rise in the cost of courier insurance will not be welcomed.

According to the above index, the average amount paid for car insurance in Q1 of 2022 amounted to £550 per annum. Back in Q3 of 2021 the average premium was £514 per annum. That is a rise of an average of £36 per annum in the space of 6 months and is no small sum of money.

It is commonly known that it tends to be younger drivers who, on average, end up being charged more for their car insurance than say a more mature driver. One of the reasons for this is that a young, less experienced driver is more likely to get caught up in a road traffic accident and is therefore more likely to claim on their car insurance policy than a mature, experienced motorist. For instance, a 17 year old pays an average of £1,166 per annum and an 18 year old an average of £1,419 per annum. A 69 year old driver pays an average of £316 per annum – a huge reduction when compared with a younger driver.

You really should shop around for your courier insurance to try to get a competitive price. Whether you are looking for cover for the first time or your existing cover is soon coming up for renewal why not get in touch with us without any obligation to get a quotation.