If you are a courier driver in the UK and have your own business then it is quite likely that you will be making your deliveries to both business and residential customers in a van. You probably either purchased the light commercial vehicle (LCV) when it was brand new or bought a second hand van.

You may find it of interest to read that the number of new vans registered here in the UK last year in the up to 3.5 tonnes category totalled 341,455. In 2022, the number of such vans sold amounted to 282,139. That is a big increase of 21,0%.This is based upon data published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

The top 3 selling new vans in 2023 in the UK were as follows: –

1. Ford Transit Custom 40,865
2. Ford Transit 28,280
3. Vauxhall Vivaro 20,477

As you can see, Ford took the top 2 spots with the sale of new Ford Transit Custom LCVs significantly exceeding its nearest rival. As an owner of a courier service business who may be looking to change his or her van then does this sway you towards perhaps taking a look at such a new van? Does it meet your requirements in so much as, for instance, is the size adequate to carry all the parcels you are entrusted with on a daily basis? Is it efficient on fuel or are you considering a Battery Electric Van (BEV)? Is it easy to manouvere when driving around? Is it a reasonable price to insure the van? Is it good value for money?

There is so much to think about when considering changing your van for a new one as it is something that you will be driving around in for several hours a day. Is it comfy to sit in? Does it have a number of anti-theft devices such as an alarm, engine immobilser and tracking device to act as a deterrent to a van thief?

Another consideration is how much it costs to insure your courier van. In this respect, why not get in touch with us to obtain a competitive quote without any obligation.