If you run your own courier service business then you will probably be faced with increased business expenditure such as having to pay more for your petrol or diesel at a time that you could well do without. It is also possible that the amount you pay for your courier insurance will go up at renewal.

We say this because the average amount paid for car insurance has been increasing in recent months. Whilst just because car insurance premium rise it does not mean to say that courier cover premiums will follow this pattern it is quite likely that they will do.

Every quarter, the price comparison website Confused.com publishes its car insurance price index showing the average cost of car insurance in the UK. The most recent index covering the 3 months between 1st April and 30th June 2022 shows that the average amount paid for car insurance stood at £554 per annum. This is £4 per annum more than in the previous quarter when the average premium was £550 per annum and £32 per annum more than 12 months ago when premiums were an average of £522 per annum.

There are numerous factors that affect how much an insurance company charges for motor insurance. For instance, your age, where you live, the make and model of vehicle, how many miles you estimate you will travel each year, how many years you have held a UK driving license for, your driving record i.e. do you have any points on your driving license, the level of cover required, the amount of the voluntary excess and what if any optional extras you add to the policy such as breakdown cover.

The above index revealed that the most expensive region to live in as far as car insurance is concerned is Inner London. That is probably not a surprise as it is quite densely populated and there may well be more road traffic accidents.

If your courier insurance is coming up for renewal in the not too distant future then why not get in touch with us to get a competitive quotation.