There are an awful lot of people here in the UK who have been made redundant due to COVID-19 and are struggling to find work. Yet, if you were to type something like “courier drivers” into your browser’s search bar on your computer then you will find numerous businesses who are looking to take on courier drivers. Many of these positions will no doubt be on a self-employed basis but it is something that you may feel is worth considering.

It may involve a complete career change but, who knows, you may take to it and be able to build a successful new business. You can find lots of information on the Internet about what is involved in becoming a courier driver.

Obviously, you will have to enjoy getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and spending your day driving from one delivery to another. It will give you the opportunity to meet customers at their doors albeit briefly. Potentially, within reason, you can work the hours to suit you in some cases but many of the opportunities will involve working all day.

Potentially, you could earn a decent living and, whilst there are no guarantees, the courier service industry is expected to continue to grow for some time as more and more people decide to purchase things on the Internet. Who knows, you may be so successful that you end up needing to expand and take on additional courier drivers within your business to help with a growth in the number of parcels that need delivering.

Before committing yourself to such a venture you may wish to get some professional advice as to the viability of setting up a courier service business in your locality. You will have a lot of things to consider such as whom to work with, the type of vehicle to use to deliver parcels and other items, how far afield you are prepared to deliver items, how much competition there is in the area and you will also need suitable courier insurance.