In recent months, there have been quite a few news articles on the Internet referring to where some courier drivers have been leaving parcels when there has been nobody in at the address they are delivering to. Whilst a delivery driver is obviously keen to drop of his or her parcels as quickly as possible, it is important that a good customer service is provided including paying attention to where the parcel is left. After all, the customer has probably spent some time in choosing an item and would like to receive it undamaged and in working order.

Interestingly, the writer of this post has recently encountered an issue with the location of where a parcel was left for his wife. She ordered an electrical item and the first she knew that it had been delivered was when she received an email stating that it had been delivered. However, she was unaware as to the whereabouts of the parcel as no leaflet was put through the front door’s letterbox. I was asked to check around the side of the house by the refuse bins and there was a rather damp parcel left on the ground between two refuse bins. The electrical item was found to be in working order.

A parcel should not be left behind a plant pot by the front door if it is visible to anyone passing. After all, it is so easy to have it stolen from such a location.

Obviously, there are instances when a customer who knows that they are not going to be in when the parcel is delivered indicates when ordering it that he or she would be agreeable to the parcel being left in a particular location or to a neighbour.

All that courier drivers need to do is to adopt a common sense approach when it comes to where they leave a parcel when somebody is not at home. Hopefully, in doing so, it will reduce the bad publicity about delivery drivers.